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Helping romance authors generate income from the hobby they love with our signature Writer to Author program

2 Keys for Profitable Authors

1. WIDE audience of readers

2. DEEP backlist of books

I know that authors LOVE to write but aren't always experts at marketing, technology, project management, or running a business!

Writer to Author is specifically designed provide the expertise, support, and strategy necessary to fill those gaps. My team and I help you:

  • Publish 4 Books per Year without giving up vacation, family, or your day job.

  • Market effectively using a strategy designed to grow WITH your author business.

  • Build your author career through four intentional stages following strategies specific to each phase.

How Does It Work?

By Sequencing & Prioritizing When We Add Each Element of a Successful Author Career.

You will replace:

  • Overwhelm with Step-by Step Actions

  • Distraction with Customized Accountability

  • Stress with Progress & Success

  • Expensive Editing with Strategic Support

Our Writer to Author Program provides the mentorship necessary to customize the core pillars of our method to match your life!

We Believe:

  • Authors should spend 80% of their time writing.

  • Publishing 3 books must happen FIRST.

    • Then reader magnet, websites, ads, etc.

  • Starting with Amazon allows new authors to take advantage of their marketing.

    • Amazon will send emails to readers they think will like your book.

    • With the right data, Amazon will show your book to readers who want it.

  • For Amazon to do the marketing FOR new authors, those first 3 books must have CLEAR data & publish following a strategic schedule.

  • Books 4-10 are all about clarifying your author brand, growing your email list, and becoming profitable.

  • From BOOK #1, EVERY author should be laying the foundation to eventually sell wide, direct, or using whatever new approach makes the most sense.

NOTE: We start with Amazon to take advantage of their marketing reach, but by teaching authors to own every aspect of their work, we make it EASY to shift when the time is right.

See our SUPPORT page to find the help you've dreamed about!


Who am I?

I'm Maria. I'm an author who helps other romance writers make the leap into earning income as published authors by teaching everything, including improving your writing, building a strong author brand, getting the most out of your publishing options, and marketing strategically.

I've had the pleasure of working with writers since 2005. A lot has changed in that time.

Both my English degrees provided me with a strong understanding of literature and language, and my years working as a freelance ghostwriter showed me behind the scenes of the self-publishing world. However, my own author experience has allowed me to put all the pieces together and develop a clear, realistic path for every author to start earning income from their books.

So many writers suffer from the self-doubt that comes with zero books sales or burn out by trying to do all the marketing things recommended on social media.

If you're anything like me, you want to share your writing with readers and get paid for your work.

Don't worry. I know exactly how to make that a reality. In my first year as an author, I published 3 books, sold more than 3000 copies, and was earning steady income by doing a few key things, and you can do them too:

1. Write books you love and are proud of.

2. Focus marketing around your specific readers.

3. Enjoy seeing steady growth in sales as you keep writing!


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